Kirkby Stephen and District Angling Association

Club Notices

Ploughlands Fishing for Grayling

See blog for latest update when there is NO fishing at Ploughlands. Our access to fishing at Ploughlands is sensitive. Basically, if we cause a problem to other sporting activities the result will be one of the following:
A) Best scenario: we lose access to grayling fishing at Ploughlands totally or
B) Worst scenario: someone stops a cartridge load of lead shot and we lose the fishing

Catch and Return

KSDAA asks members to return fish in order to preserve stocks.

Number and size limits of takeable fish

The number of fish that can be retained is 2. The minimum size of takeable fish is 12". This measure is aimed at preserving stocks.

Changes to evidence required for submitting fish for trophies

Fish no longer need to be be retained in order to submit the catch for a club trophy. Members should attempt to provide other evidence such as photographs, sizes etc. This measure is aimed at preserving stocks.


Would members please try to pay their subscriptions before 1st April. This will help the Club. Membership can only be renewed through the Secretary.